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Experience next to Nursing?
i am thinking of pursuing a career in nursing. Can anyone contained by nursing give me an idea in the order of whats it's like? Good points, bad points, stories and anything else you dream up might be usefull. Thanx

Faking medical problem?
I want to quit my job and go on holiday mid july if I narrate my boss now, he will sack me now and i wont hold any cash to go on holiday beside, so i have to hold out to the last moment and sign out them in limbo or say im going into hositpal for a month for an operation, as that track my boss will sympathise...

How do you knob work-place "glory grabbers"?
These are the people that are always stealing credit to impress organization. Some of us can research a problem, figure it out, then discuss it amongst ourselves, after one of these glory grabbers puts out an email flyer about it to "help" everyone with the solution that the rest of us figure out...

How do you know if someone's apology is sincere?
My co-worker shouted at me about an email (nothing objectionable in the email, he purely doesn't like the attitude he said. if I could put attitude in an email, it would be great). I go to his boss and after 1 hour he came back and apologized. I am greatly poor in assessing sincerity so how do i know he's really sincere or...

Desktop publishing profession?
I want to be a desktop publisher. I'm considering getting a certificate in desktop publishing from a community college, but i don't know if that will achieve me anywhere, if it will get me a job (salary amount is not important). Those next to experience with certificates/the field, what do you come up with? I

Desktop Support Engineer n IT Support Specialist what's the difference?
I'm applying for job in tech support, and i'm so confused. Mainly is nearby a difference between Desktop Support Engineer and IT Support Specialist? other positions like IT Support Engineer / Desktop Support Specialist / Desktop Engineer / Desktop Specialist...?

Desperate for ANY sort of mission...16/17 year antediluvian. even any internet job?
proper desperate for a job, there are NONE going surrounded by surrounding areas to me..Handed my CV in to so many places, but there's no job available. I'm almost 17, still in education and i entail to get some cash. Anyone know of any job,

Do human resource professionals call for to own short name?
Hey guys im studying human resources is this true that human resources professionals need to have short name.IM FROM ASIA and im a international student in the U.K my name is extremly big it contains 8 alphabets. Can i use my handle in my resume with my first term plz help me out and ?

Do I cart the brief or keep on for the outcome of the other interview?
I went to an interview for a job this morning (Job A), and they've of late rung me up to offer it. However, I've been waiting for the ending fortnight for the outcome of another interview for a job (I thought) I really wanted (Job B). They are both unchanging posts, but Job B pays more and

Do I deserve a incline? ($9.50/hr assistant manager)?
So, I asked my boss for a $2.50 raise (which is a large incline, up to $12/hr). I have worked as an assistant manager at a eBay store surrounded by an upscale area for 8+ months now. NO BENEFITS! I receieved an e-mail from another co-owner subsequent that night: "I want to let you know that

How much does a paralegal gross?
Works in Houston, Texas, dowtown, and for a large firm.

How much does a Patent Paralegal gross?
I am scheduled for a promotion from my Paralegal Assistant position to a Paralegal position. I am curious as to what a reasonable starting pay would be. Here are some more details: - I am in Downtown Seattle - I work for a large, international corporate statute firm - I will be handling both

How much does a solicitor earn?
How much does a solicitor earn and is it enough to keep a family unit?

How long do paralegal internships ending surrounded by a time? are they FT or PT?
I'm in my first semester of a paralegal certificate program at an ABA approved institution. I work part time now to abet support my fiance and myself. If I am going to be taking a unpaid internship, will it most likely be part time or full time?

How long do you enjoy to be at a profession to collect severance?
I have worked at my job for almost 6 months... however, I am fearful I am going to bring laid off because of things going on in the company. I live contained by Illinois. Does anyone know details on the terms on how you can collect unemployment if that be to happen?

How long do you own to find a career after anyone terminated?
If you are trying to fight for wrongful termination, can you wait for the court date in the past finding a job? Where can I get informtion close to this? Would this be under California state labor law or federal canon?

Do aust employer provide healthcare coverage?
Hello everyone. I was wondering if Companies in melbourne provide healthcare coverage for its personnel?Also, upon acceptance of a job contribute, does the company require the candidate to go for a medical checkup? (i.e the usual blood testing, chest xray etc)

Do biotechnoligists get hold of medical training?
Even teh most basic one on medical training?

Do elementary / middle school hire RN ADN's or just RN BSN's or complex?
I am just beginning conservatory in my local community college for RN ADN. My children are grown and this will be my "second career". I would love working in a arts school if that is an option.

Do employer know whether they are going to hire you at the cease of the interview.
I had a interview yesterday, It was for a position surrounded by registration where I would schedule appointments for patients check.she said she was liked the certainty I am in school for healthcare...

Do job other underneath your investigational take-home pay bad of your behind the times net?
Why do they ask. At my last job i be only making 35,000, but it was an entry plane position (which I worked for three years) and i didn't have my degree when i started...

Financial Accounting Question? HELP PLASE?
Here is the question I cannot figure it out Here is information related to Kettle Moraine Company for 2007 Total Credit Sales $1,500,000 Accounts Receivable at December 31 440,000 Bad debts written past its sell-by...

Jobs surrounded by the hospital while surrounded by arts school?
I was just wondering what type of jobs at the hospital I could apply for while earning my scope in bio/chemistry. Id love to work in the hospital until I apply to medical academy. I already volunteer.

Career Change from Law Enforcement to Paralegal. Any suggestion?
I have a background and point in Law Enforcement and worked as a police officer, in corrections, and currently financial guarantee. I have no passion for the work anymore, and procure annoyed easily...

Cash paying job surrounded by arizona?
1 dog walking 2 phonebook delivvery 3 dealership driving 4 bartending 5 valet anyoone did any of these for cash dinero?

How do you jump just about getting a tentative invention or belief made or patented.?
I have some ideas and inventions I come up with still in my manager. I want to now what would be the best way to go and get my ideas heard by highest incorporations. Also ...

How come you are not suppose to enumerate brisk food as...?
How come people say you should not inventory fast food as job experience when you are applying for a current job? What if thats the ONLY job experience that i hold... and I am applying for a new job...

Can I properly contained by Canada work for two charities (but different audiences) and receive compensated as a fundraiser?
one job would be full time, the other would be part time.

How can I procure into working as an mature SMS essay worker?
I am really considering doing this, but I'm not sure how to go about it? Can anybody point me surrounded by the direction of a relevant website?

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